My Family

My lovely wife Irlanda. We met on Yahoo chat wile she was still in Colombia and I was working in South Carolina. At first my intent was just to make some new pen pals and friends but it very quickly moved past that point to full fledged, head over heals being in love.

I spent most of my paycheck sending flowers, paying for a mariachi band to show up at her house and serenade her, sending her an endless supply of Vermont Teddy Bears. I can vividly remember spending hours of holding in my stomach so I could send her a photo of myself that I wasn't embarrassed about!

She is loving, caring, passionate and, luckily for me, organized! I would be lost without her in more ways than one.

There's no doubt who the lucky one is in this photo. She moved to the US several years ago, where we initially lived in Underhill Vermont, but later moved to Maine. We used to have dear and bear in our front yard which we have apparently traded for red tailed foxes and bald eagles overhead! I think the pond of noisy frogs just followed us here.

All I can say guys is that if you ever have the opportunity to visit Colombia - Go!

This is my son Gregory who is a physics major at University of Southern Maine. We have some great conversations and debates on a variety of topics, as long as I can keep him off of the computer and video games...ah well, I guess it's time to forget about curbing that vice!

Greg is a great son, he is intelligent, supportive, compassionate and responsible. He has never given me cause to worry or fret. I love him dearly and am incredibly proud of him.

My daughter Caitlin, or should I say Cici! Either way she is and always will be my princess. She has the most beautiful soul, she can write the most beautiful of poetry, songs and take the most amazing photos.

Caitlin is passionate to the extreme and it has taken her on many journeys, some beautiful and exotic while others have been dark and lonely.

For someone so young, she has done much more than most people do in their entire lives, very much like her dad. I love you very much.


Hello all, well here I am at my in-laws farm in Colombia holding a chicken! I had a wonderful visit, the people of Colombia are terrific, helpful and friendly.

More importantly was the food, it was awesome!! Now one thing I learned, I had somehow assumed that the farther south you went from Mexico the spicier the food would be (I have no idea where I got that idea). It is definitely not the case. Colombian food is very mild, definitely less sweet than in the US and like it is here, the food varies greatly by region.

If you will be visiting in Bogotá I highly recommend a restaurant called Casa Vieja, you can get more info at Casa Vieja we had a lovely time there, make certain that you order a Candelazo, a wonderful drink made with ... well just try one!

This is my wife, Iralnda's family in Palmira Colombia. I've spent many happy days sitting at that dining room table learning Spanish, eating, watching Colombian television (guau! las mujeres!).

My brother-in-law Andres (second from right, back row) just graduated medical school so I can relax about health care when I retire! Both Alejandra (second from left) and Diana (far right) have had their Quienceañera and are the most lovely young women I know.

Lastly, a quick photo from our favorite breakfast place in Palmira looking down into the street. Seems that the Japanese are everywhere!

It seems that there are about 10 taxis and 15 motorcycles for every private car. Public transportation is never a problem. Wonder if I could get the Mayor of Palmira to help us here in Maine with that issue?