Hello all, well here I am at my in-laws farm in Colombia holding a chicken! I had a wonderful visit, the people of Colombia are terrific, helpful and friendly.

More importantly was the food, it was awesome!! Now one thing I learned, I had somehow assumed that the farther south you went from Mexico the spicier the food would be (I have no idea where I got that idea). It is definitely not the case. Colombian food is very mild, definitely less sweet than in the US and like it is here, the food varies greatly by region.

If you will be visiting in Bogotá I highly recommend a restaurant called Casa Vieja, you can get more info at Casa Vieja we had a lovely time there, make certain that you order a Candelazo, a wonderful drink made with ... well just try one!

This is my wife, Iralnda's family in Palmira Colombia. I've spent many happy days sitting at that dining room table learning Spanish, eating, watching Colombian television (guau! las mujeres!).

My brother-in-law Andres (second from right, back row) just graduated medical school so I can relax about health care when I retire! Both Alejandra (second from left) and Diana (far right) have had their Quienceañera and are the most lovely young women I know.

Lastly, a quick photo from our favorite breakfast place in Palmira looking down into the street. Seems that the Japanese are everywhere!

It seems that there are about 10 taxis and 15 motorcycles for every private car. Public transportation is never a problem. Wonder if I could get the Mayor of Palmira to help us here in Maine with that issue?


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